iMP: Surf the Music App Reviews

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Totally COOL app!! This is the app called Tap Tap combined with another app called Snail Mail, to make a completely new game!!!!! Its AWESOME!!!! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!! Just like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups! Its here to stay!! A piece of work all others will make a spin-off from! DEV-YOURE A GENIOUS!

Fun game!

I love the music. It is fun for my husband and my 5 yr old daughter!

Fun gameplay, but graphics could use work

This is a really fun game, and you wont be dissapointed if you get it. It could use a lot of polish, but its a commendable start. Graphics could use a little work. Take a look at Riddim Ribbon for an example of what this game should look like. Improve the backgrounds and the surf track and this game will be perfect.

Fun Music Game!

Great music/rhythm game! A lot of fun to play! Really good developer support with an update on the way with more content. Looking forward to more levels and music! :) My only suggestion would be to overide the automatic screen shut off timer while playing the game.


Yea its cool. But I want audiosurf for the iPhone, I wanna surf my music nit just some track

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